Flowers Around The Home // BloomNation






Having fresh flowers around the house not only makes it smell incredibly fragrant but can also bring life and light to a plain room!

Tips for incorporating flowers around your home:

1) Place brightly coloured flowers on your bedside drawers or dressing table for a fresh feel when you wake up in the morning.

2) Try using an unusual or interesting vase to make the flowers look even more eye catching! Jam jars, bottles and watering cans make great alternative planting pots!

3) Use brightly coloured flowers in neutral rooms and match with accent accessories to bring the whole look together.

4) Don’t just display flowers inside,  make your front door or porch more inviting by decorating it with fresh flowers.

5) There are no boundaries, flowers can be scattered around your house here there and everywhere, I say the more the better. Try using different colours and types around the house.

6) For a more urban feel use both large and small plants such as cacti to create a more natural and earthy look.

7) Use a modern terrarium and place small shrubs and succulents in there with soil and small stones for a no fuss display.

For more flower bouquet inspiration visit Bloom Nation local florist



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