Vichy Nuit Detox


Trying to find a new moisturiser when you have acne prone skin can be a bit of a nightmare to say the least but its a quest I was determined to fulfil and after plenty of mishaps, I think I may have found the one! After making a cheeky order on Feel Unique I had popped this into my basket on a whim and eagerly waited to use it! I haven’t tried anything from the Vichy range before but I know that a lot of their products are hyped about and this was specifically picked from the Oily/ Blemish Prone range so I had high hopes for it to work!

It’s quite pricey for such a small tube but after a few weeks of using this bad boy on a nightly basis I have noticed such a difference in my skin that I am happy to pay a little over the norm for it! First of all it smells amazing, you don’t realise until you have massaged it in but as soon as it hits you it’s quite refreshing. It’s a fruity smell that doesn’t linger for long but isn’t offensive like some other night creams can be. Also a little bit really goes a long way, the slim nozzle helps to distribute a good amount onto the palm of your hand for you to then softly massage it into the skin so I am hoping that this will last me at least a few months until I have to repurchase another.
I have found the biggest difference since using this has been on my blemishes that were already on my skin before using this product. They seem to have reduced in size and also now appear less angry and have become much easier to conceal which is great news for a sleep lover like me in the mornings! Overall my complexion seems to have improved both in texture and has become more of an even tone which has encouraged me to wear less heavy duty foundation on a daily basis which surely has to be better for it!

So if you are after a new night cream I urge you to try this one out and I hope it works wonders for your skin too!


Be My Valentine // AdoreMe


Krystyna Camisole Set


Carlita Robe // Denisa Set 


Korina Set

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so what better time to update your lingerie drawer and have you feeling super sexy than now?

I myself am single this Valentine’s Day and I will admit that not every day am I rocking a matching silk set, (although I would like to think I was capable of such things). But on a night out or special occasion there is nothing that makes me feel more confident, powerful and put together than knowing I’ve got perfectly fitting, and seriously sassy underwear on!

So with this in mind I have shopped some of my favourite items from one of New Yorks finest lingerie brands, Adore Me to bring you several looks that will leave you feeling gorgeous from head to toe, even if it’s for your eyes only! With a variety of different shapes and sizes they cater for every body shape and even have their very own plus size range  for those with ample assets to flaunt!

So whether you’re happily in a relationship or waiting for Cupid to strike make sure you’re ready for any mischief you may get up to this Valentine’s Day!

Flowers Around The Home // BloomNation






Having fresh flowers around the house not only makes it smell incredibly fragrant but can also bring life and light to a plain room!

Tips for incorporating flowers around your home:

1) Place brightly coloured flowers on your bedside drawers or dressing table for a fresh feel when you wake up in the morning.

2) Try using an unusual or interesting vase to make the flowers look even more eye catching! Jam jars, bottles and watering cans make great alternative planting pots!

3) Use brightly coloured flowers in neutral rooms and match with accent accessories to bring the whole look together.

4) Don’t just display flowers inside,  make your front door or porch more inviting by decorating it with fresh flowers.

5) There are no boundaries, flowers can be scattered around your house here there and everywhere, I say the more the better. Try using different colours and types around the house.

6) For a more urban feel use both large and small plants such as cacti to create a more natural and earthy look.

7) Use a modern terrarium and place small shrubs and succulents in there with soil and small stones for a no fuss display.

For more flower bouquet inspiration visit Bloom Nation local florist


Protein World // The Slender Blend Review


I have been on a serious health kick for the past year and a half. Starting off with doing a 5k Race for life in 2014, to then doing a 10k Race for Life and Tough Mudder event earlier this year! Everything has changed from my eating habits, exercise regime and as a result my body has changed too.I didn’t really know much about protein or protein shakes before, and I am no expert but one thing that has dramatically changed in my diet is the intake of protein on a regular basis, whether this is in a smoothie first thing in a morning, or in a shake after exercise.

So I did my research and came across the Protein World – Slender Blend collection and I haven’t looked back since. This is my second tub of the good stuff and the vanilla flavour tastes so good (it’s almost like white chocolate) and is definitely one of the best tasting protein powders I have tried. You can mix this into porridge, pancakes, smoothies, cookies.. pretty much everything, and of course you can just have it on it’s own with water for an instant recharge after exercise!

Now you’re probably wondering if it has made a difference to my weight loss and I think I would have to agree that it has. I have lost nearly a stone since starting my lifestyle change and I have a feeling that this does help keep the hunger pangs at bay between breakfast and lunch. It is a little bit pricey compared to other protein powders (I have also used the my protein diet whey) but if you are after the best tasting then this is the one for you!

Moddershall Oaks // Afternoon Tea Review



A few weeks ago my sister and I took our Mum out for afternoon tea at Moddershall Oaks Hotel & Spa in Stone. It is the first time we had visited the spa and also the day before we were due to fly out to Las Vegas so we we’re all quite excited to say the least! It was quite a last minute booking and I did originally enquire to book us all in for Afternoon Tea plus a manicure/pedicure but as it was a bank holiday they were unfortunately fully booked. However the customer services team did a great job in getting back to me as soon as possible and apologised for the inconvenience which was really great of them.

On first impressions the spa itself is gorgeous, set in a beautiful location you can easily lose yourself in the scenery and feel relaxed almost immediately when you come up the drive. After a quick nose through the rest of the spa we went down to the bar and each had a glass of prosecco before we were taken into the main restaurant for our Afternoon Tea to begin. In no time our treats were served and I had to sneakily get a picture before we could all dig in (easier said than done). Each sandwich, cake, scone and macaroon was beautifully presented in a range of flavours which you can check before you go and make additions as you please – You can include a bottle of fizz for a few extra pounds to make it even more of a celebration. (It is suitable for vegetarians too as my sister is a veggie and found plenty to eat if you do a quick swap with some of the sandwiches between you).

After a good few hours chatting and eating, I didn’t realise how filling small finger food was but we all left feeling very full, and even had enough left to box up and take home to Dad! Overall we had a great time and would definitely go again, maybe next time with a few cheeky spa treatments thrown in too!

Afternoon Tea – £19.95 each

Boots No7 // Stay Perfect Nail Polish – Highland Mist


These last few months there has only been one nail polish colour that I have been reaching for every time I have painted my nails and it’s this beauty by No7. It’s in the Stay Perfect range and is a gorgeous dusky pink colour that seems to complement most outfits, is a great alternative to a neutral nude, and is a great transitional colour from summer to autumn.

It has good lasting power and the application is great so you only have to touch up every now and again to keep the finish looking perfect. For a high street brand it isn’t the cheapest of nail polishes but after this bottle is gone I do plan on repurchasing so that says everything!

I have been pairing this with my Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss – 08 which matches almost exactly, but I have also been told that they do a matching No7 lipstick so I am sure that will find it’s way into my basket on my next Boots trip!

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish – Highland Mist – £6.00

Wild Olive // Strawberries & Cream Pamper Pack

Just recently I’ve become a bit of a bath obsessive! I’ve found especially after the gym there is nothing better than soaking your bones in a relaxing tub filled with bubbles! But no bath is complete without the right essential oils and soaps, and that’s where Wild Olive comes in! With a range of natural luxury bath melts, bombs and bags you will be spoilt for choice with which scent you want to try next. All with different healing and soothing properties to leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed after every soak.
I have picked up the Strawberries & Cream pack which smells heavenly as soon as you open the box, filled with a Strawberry & Cream Tea Bag, Strawberry Face Mask, Strawberry Sundae Bath Bomb and a Strawberry & Fizz candle! All packaged in a gorgeous gift box, they make the perfect present for anyone who needs a little pampering or just a bit of me time.

Holiday Essentials // Brand Focus – Naja




I was recently inspired by the eco friendly, american lingerie and swimwear brand Naja, to do a round up of my must have holiday essentials! And seeing as I will be jetting off to Ibiza in just a few weeks I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you what I plan on taking with me, as well as a few items that should always be a permanent fixture on your holiday list!

Let’s start off by talking a little bit more about Naja. Not only does this brand have some seriously amazing ethical values, they are also all about empowering women, and making us feel 100% confident in our own skin, which for me is an incredible ethos to promote! I think far too many of us feel uncomfortable with our bodies, especially when it comes to wearing lingerie and swimwear when really we should be celebrating every single inch of ourselves and looking totally fabulous whilst doing so!

Naja also take great pride in having a huge input into how each and every item is made. Sourcing luxury and ethically correct materials, designing a variety of patterns to appeal to different types of women and most importantly making sure each garment fits to perfection. Including their memory foam technology and even ultrasonic sealed bra straps to provide the ultimate fit, at an affordable price!

Top Holiday Items 

Swimwear – Choosing the right swimwear option for your body shape can feel like a daunting task, but I think as long as you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, you shouldn’t feel forced to wear a certain design just because someone else says so! Trust your instincts they’re usually right!

Sun Tan Lotion – The most important item to take on holiday where ever you are going! Getting burnt is no fun at all and it should’t ruin your holiday. So make sure you pack at least a factor 30 and slather up on a regular basis!

Sunglasses – Not only are they the perfect holiday accessory they will keep your eyes protected from the burning hot sun too! why not choose a brightly coloured pair to really make a statement!

Underwear – You want to feel flirty and fresh whilst you’re on holiday so make sure you pack the perfect underwear, even if you are the only one who is going to see them! Matching sets are guaranteed to make you feel uber sexy, especially with a tan, or why not try something completely different and feel like a new person!

Cover Up / Kaftan – Taking a cover up is the easiest way to go from pool to bar in an instant! Colour co-ordinate your swimwear and kaftan for the ultimate chic look.

Sun Hat – Keep your luscious locks protected under a stylish hat in the day to ensure it won’t get too dried out in the heat!

Reading Material – The best time to start up a new book is definitely whilst chilling out on a sun lounger with a cocktail by your side! So why not start a new novel or series this summer!

Music – Listening to music whilst your tanning yourself can be a great way to relax! Or why not download an audio book for the ultimate lazy way to stay well read!

Beauty Products – Take a select few products that will take you from day to night without any fuss! A tinted moisturiser or BB cream is the ideal alternative to a heavy foundation, my tip is to take one exact shade and one shade darker than your usual to help colour match as you tan!

What will your top holiday products be this summer?

Forever Aloe Products Review



A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to trial some products from the Forever Living brand, which for those of you who don’t know is an all natural, aloe vera infused range. They have hundreds of products from skincare, make up, drinks, nutrition and are now even focusing on healthy lifestyle products to make you feel better from the inside out. One of the things that really stood out for me after reading up on the brand is the fact that they are all natural and organically sourced products which means you are getting the very best ingredients in every item. Where as so many other products on the high street now have added preservatives and additives that you don’t really know what you are applying to your skin which could have an effect on it long term. So I got to grips with some of the products and this is how I got on!

My stand out favourite from the start had to be the Aloe Vera Gelly. This product a clear gel that can be applied just about anywhere and has great healing + soothing properties.  It’s multi purpose uses allow it to be used on young children and even animals to help in first aid cases, moisturise scars or dry skin and you can even take it on holiday to help calm sun burn! I used it on a scar I recently had and not only did it help heal and fade the scar but it also help the graze itself become much cleaner which is great if you catch your skin easily.

The next product that I really liked was the Forever Alluring Eyes moisturiser, this little beauty might be small but certainly packs a punch! When applied this cooling cream helps reduce puffiness, dark circles and the appearance of wrinkles, as well as containing a whole host of age fighting vitamins to help skin look its very best! I think that this product would be best applied on a night time after your usual skincare routine so that it can work its magic overnight, and for an even better application why not pop it in the fridge for a few hours before use to help cool the under eye area!

Finally the Propolis Creme. This is a thick and luxurious skin moisturiser + conditioner that helps maintain a healthy skin tone and texture if used regularly! It contains aloe vera, bee propolis and chamomile as well as vitamins a and e to help condition the skin, leaving it healthy and glowing! I think this product would work really well for someone who maybe suffers with very dry skin as it would help moisturise and soothe cracked areas. It would also work really well for maintaining a tan after you have come back from holiday because it is so rich it would help stop the peeling process from happening quite as quickly, holy grail product for all of you sun worshipers!

Overall I have been really impressed with this bundle of products and I would definitely recommend you bringing some of these healthier skin care alternatives into your routine! If you are looking for a rep to get your Forever Living products from then our family friend Danielle Rudd has just joined the brand and has all of the information as to what products would work best for you and a handful of samples to try before you buy!