Vichy Nuit Detox


Trying to find a new moisturiser when you have acne prone skin can be a bit of a nightmare to say the least but its a quest I was determined to fulfil and after plenty of mishaps, I think I may have found the one! After making a cheeky order on Feel Unique I had popped this into my basket on a whim and eagerly waited to use it! I haven’t tried anything from the Vichy range before but I know that a lot of their products are hyped about and this was specifically picked from the Oily/ Blemish Prone range so I had high hopes for it to work!

It’s quite pricey for such a small tube but after a few weeks of using this bad boy on a nightly basis I have noticed such a difference in my skin that I am happy to pay a little over the norm for it! First of all it smells amazing, you don’t realise until you have massaged it in but as soon as it hits you it’s quite refreshing. It’s a fruity smell that doesn’t linger for long but isn’t offensive like some other night creams can be. Also a little bit really goes a long way, the slim nozzle helps to distribute a good amount onto the palm of your hand for you to then softly massage it into the skin so I am hoping that this will last me at least a few months until I have to repurchase another.
I have found the biggest difference since using this has been on my blemishes that were already on my skin before using this product. They seem to have reduced in size and also now appear less angry and have become much easier to conceal which is great news for a sleep lover like me in the mornings! Overall my complexion seems to have improved both in texture and has become more of an even tone which has encouraged me to wear less heavy duty foundation on a daily basis which surely has to be better for it!

So if you are after a new night cream I urge you to try this one out and I hope it works wonders for your skin too!


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