Holiday Essentials // Brand Focus – Naja




I was recently inspired by the eco friendly, american lingerie and swimwear brand Naja, to do a round up of my must have holiday essentials! And seeing as I will be jetting off to Ibiza in just a few weeks I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you what I plan on taking with me, as well as a few items that should always be a permanent fixture on your holiday list!

Let’s start off by talking a little bit more about Naja. Not only does this brand have some seriously amazing ethical values, they are also all about empowering women, and making us feel 100% confident in our own skin, which for me is an incredible ethos to promote! I think far too many of us feel uncomfortable with our bodies, especially when it comes to wearing lingerie and swimwear when really we should be celebrating every single inch of ourselves and looking totally fabulous whilst doing so!

Naja also take great pride in having a huge input into how each and every item is made. Sourcing luxury and ethically correct materials, designing a variety of patterns to appeal to different types of women and most importantly making sure each garment fits to perfection. Including their memory foam technology and even ultrasonic sealed bra straps to provide the ultimate fit, at an affordable price!

Top Holiday Items 

Swimwear – Choosing the right swimwear option for your body shape can feel like a daunting task, but I think as long as you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, you shouldn’t feel forced to wear a certain design just because someone else says so! Trust your instincts they’re usually right!

Sun Tan Lotion – The most important item to take on holiday where ever you are going! Getting burnt is no fun at all and it should’t ruin your holiday. So make sure you pack at least a factor 30 and slather up on a regular basis!

Sunglasses – Not only are they the perfect holiday accessory they will keep your eyes protected from the burning hot sun too! why not choose a brightly coloured pair to really make a statement!

Underwear – You want to feel flirty and fresh whilst you’re on holiday so make sure you pack the perfect underwear, even if you are the only one who is going to see them! Matching sets are guaranteed to make you feel uber sexy, especially with a tan, or why not try something completely different and feel like a new person!

Cover Up / Kaftan – Taking a cover up is the easiest way to go from pool to bar in an instant! Colour co-ordinate your swimwear and kaftan for the ultimate chic look.

Sun Hat – Keep your luscious locks protected under a stylish hat in the day to ensure it won’t get too dried out in the heat!

Reading Material – The best time to start up a new book is definitely whilst chilling out on a sun lounger with a cocktail by your side! So why not start a new novel or series this summer!

Music – Listening to music whilst your tanning yourself can be a great way to relax! Or why not download an audio book for the ultimate lazy way to stay well read!

Beauty Products – Take a select few products that will take you from day to night without any fuss! A tinted moisturiser or BB cream is the ideal alternative to a heavy foundation, my tip is to take one exact shade and one shade darker than your usual to help colour match as you tan!

What will your top holiday products be this summer?


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