ESPA Pro Cleanser // Pro Serum Review


Being subscribers of Tatler magazine definitely has it’s perks, one of them being the incredible gifts that you receive on an monthly basis, and this months has been an absolute winner in my eyes! It was the turn of the beauty bible and with it arrived this miniature Espa gift set, including their Pro Cleanser, Pro serum and a £20 gift card to spend on an item of your choice! Now I hadn’t ever heard of Espa before but then again I don’t tend to buy premium skincare, but it was a great opportunity to try out some luxury products and see how they made my skin feel.

First up is the Pro Cleanser, I am in love with this product! My normal night time routine consists of a cream cleanser, and whilst I do like using a cream as it’s less fuss, my skin never feels quite as clean as it does when I use water and a muslin cloth. That being said I embraced using this product for a whole week and the results were amazing! To get things started you splash your face with warm water and work a small amount of this product into the skin. On first impressions you will notice this contains large beads which are jojoba that gently exfoliate the skin whilst you massage it in, you will notice they melt onto the skin after a while leaving a more oily/gel texture that you can continue to work in until you are happy your face is clean. Next you can either wash off the remaining product with your hands or use a muslin cloth for a further deep clean.

You will notice immediately it’s effects as soon as you touch your skin and on applying your next step which would be the Pro Serum. This little beauty is a bit pricey but a few drops go a long way to help seal in moisture and make skin feel baby soft. I haven’t ever used a serum so this was all new territory to me, but after using this for a week I think it is a step I definitely can’t afford to miss anymore! Once smoothed into the hands it gives off a beautiful aroma that is actually quite relaxing, I then patted it all over my face (don’t rub) until I felt that a good amount had been absorbed. I then followed using my latest night time moisturiser by Urban Veda and my skin felt incredibly smooth and ready for ultimate repair work over night!

Overall I am really impressed by these two beauts, they have been incredible to try out and I think I will be spending my voucher on another Pro Cleanser to add to my nightly routine on a regular basis!

Have you tried anything from Espa?


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