Benefit Porefessional Primer


I was recently sent a sample of the much coveted Benefit Porefessional which is an absolute classic in terms of primer must haves! I shamefully had never tried this product before but I had always been dying to so it was great to finally be able to see what all the hype is about! I don’t use a primer on a daily basis but when I go out I do like to moisturise and then prep for my base with a primer. I usually use the Rimmel Fix and Perfect which I do like but it can sometimes be a little slippery to apply, but it does help keep shine at bay for at least a little while!

On first application I didn’t expect the primer to be skin toned when it came out of the tube so it was quite a surprise as I am normally used to a white or clear product! It felt a little bit heavier than the Rimmel primer that I am used to but it blended like a dream and after I had left it to sink in for a little while my skin felt incredibly smooth and ready to apply my foundation. Usually when I go out I have to powder at least few times to keep my face looking matte but I was amazed to find that I didn’t have to apply any powder at all whilst using this product as it still looked very much all in place!

I think this product would be an absolute godsend on holiday and you could even wear it just as a base if you were having a great skin day! I would use it time and time again before nights out as you would be assured that your skin would most certainly be looking perfect all night with zero shine! Once I have finished my sample I think it is time to finally add it to my collection where it will have pride of place in my make up bag!

Have you tried the Benefit Porefessional?


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