Urban Veda // Purifying Protecting Night Cream


Urban Veda Purifying Protecting Night Cream – £14.99 

I have been having some serious skin issues at the moment, and have been on the hunt for a night cream that is gentle but also going to help heal and restore my skin whilst I catch 40 winks! Which is where Urban Veda comes in! I recently found this brand on Holland and Barrett whilst ordering my latest batch of Chia Seeds and was totally obsessed with their products and brand! I checked out their website and took the Dosha test to confirm what type of skin I have, but also found out a little bit about how my personality can also effect my skin, which I found really interesting seeing as I am trying to change my lifestyle/eating habits for the better. My results showed that I did have oil-prone skin and that the Purifying range would be best suited to me, which then led me to the Purifying and Protecting range.

I have combination/oily skin which at the moment seems to be very congested and causing a lot of blemishes which is exactly what this product helps to combat. With products such as neem, wild mint, eucalyptus and witch hazel the ‘detoxifying Ayurvedic skincare helps to reduce excess sebum, refine pores and leave skin hydrated’. It is also pore refining, mattifying and perfect for oil prone skin, along with contain no paragons, sls and gm ingredients. The brand is also very much against animal testing which I fully support, and would definitely be a factor for me to re-purchase from them again!

I have only been using this cream for a few nights now and on first impression it is already a winner! The cream itself is quite thick so I have been massaging it between clean hands before applying it to my face, (fyi a little bit goes a long way so make sure not to take too much out of the jar). As soon as the product is on the skin you immediately smell the botanical scents which feel incredibly fresh and soothing, and provide a little tingle once it has been applied. In the morning my skin has been feeling much softer and also more hydrated, but in terms of helping clear congestion I think it might take a while to begin to work its magic, so watch this space!

So if you are after a new skincare routine or if you need a little help deciding what skin type would be best for you, then Urban Veda have a whole range of different products to help each and every skin type so go and check out what would work for you! I am sure I will be back purchasing more of their products from the purifying range if all goes well with the night cream!

Have you tried anything from Urban Veda?


2 thoughts on “Urban Veda // Purifying Protecting Night Cream

    1. Hi Sheilesh

      I absolutely love the range and have continued to re-purchase the purifying protecting night cream over and over again ever since!

      I would love to try some of the rest of the range out if you have samples available! My email is rhiannenh@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to talk to me about this further!


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