Poundshop Pout It Out Lip Liner – Rose


These days there are lots of budget beauty brands that are taking the drugstore by a storm with their affordable but also amazing products. The likes of MUA and Collection regularly have items for £1 that could rival most high end brands, so when the Poundshop revealed their own make-up range, they had pretty big shoes to fill! I decided to try out one of their lip liners as my first tester into their products, and chose a pinky/brown shade called Rose 2. First up I think the packaging and typography is really nice so it will look great in my collection, but on first application it was clear that the product itself didn’t live up to the hype.

I found the colour to be true to what I imagined, it is a lovely dusky pink, but the nib is incredibly harsh and actually scratches at your lips instead of smoothing over the outline. I persisted in applying it all over the lips to see if it would help my lipstick stay on any longer, but it made the surface very rough, and actually felt quite sore afterwards. I am quite disappointed with this product and probably won’t reach for it again in my stash, but it wouldn’t put me off trying another product from their range. I think it is amazing that the Poundshop are bringing out their own make-up, but I think they have a little further to go before it will be beating the budget drugstore brands.


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