NSPA Hot Cloth Polish // NSPA Oil Free Moisture Gel



Nspa are currently having a 2 for £8 offer at Asda, and seeing as both of these products were £7 individually, I’d say that was a bloody good bargain! This is my third bottle of the Oil Free Moisture Gel, and I would repurchase it every time! It is amazing for my oily/combination skin, and for a morning moisturiser it really helps keep the skin matte through out the day which is a bonus! I only have two issues with this product, one is that it does’t contain spf and the other is that it isn’t overly hydrating so be sure to use a more heavy duty moisturiser in your night time routine, apart from that it’s pretty perfect!

Then I had to pick up a second product from the Nspa range which took some deciding! They have a bath, skincare, mum-to-be and hair care range so choosing from this vast amount was pretty tough! I have already tried the Radiant Flash Serum which was very good, so I wanted to try another skincare product to see how that measured up. My skin has been feeling a little dry and patchy recently, which I think is down to the fact the weather is taking a turn for the worst, and the fact that the last of my America tan has finally faded, so I decided to try their Hot Cloth Polish! I have some experience of trying out hot cloth cleansers in the past, even the Liz Earle one which unfortunately upset my skin quite badly, considering it is meant to be extremely soft on the skin! So I was a little dubious about testing it out, but I took the plunge last night and I was pleasantly surprised this morning!

First of all you have to apply this product to a dry face, it can either be covered in make-up or part of your second cleanse, use 1-2 pumps, I’d recommend 1 1/2 or 2 because just using 1 didn’t really apply much product to the skin at all. Then gently massage the product into your face, avoiding the eye area until it feels as though you have managed to loosen the make-up that was on your face. Then run the tap until it is luke warm/hot, drench your muslin cloth, wring it out and then apply to the face in sweeping motions, making sure you wash the cloth every time you have removed some of the cleanser. (One tip I have is to make sure you wash your muslin cloths on a regular basis, I have 4 so I tend to rotate mine to make sure I have a clean one every night before I cleanse!) After you are happy that you have removed all of the product, give your face a splash with some luke warm water to get rid of any residue, and finally splash with cold water to close your pores and tighten the skin. You can then carry on with your normal tone and moisturising steps, and your skin should be feeling baby soft by this time!

Have you tried any Nspa products? What would you recommend?


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