Sephora ‘It Girl’ Lipstick Review



(Applied straight from the bullet)


(After it has worn off a little bit!)

I have been on the hunt for an orange/red matte lipstick for some time, and whilst on holiday in Las Vegas in Sephora, I found the perfect shade! Before I get started on how much I adore this lipstick, I should probably point out that this was the first time I had ever set foot in a Sephora store, so that in itself was exciting, and yes I was like a kid in a candy store, (my sister had to reign me in a little)! I wanted to buy so many things as it seemed every brand that I loved was under one roof and all cheaper than in the UK, thanks to the exchange rate! But after swatching, testing and sampling a million products, I finally found the one thing I had been looking for, and I was sold!

 Of all the brands I could of chosen, I went for Sephora’s own brand, and picked up one of their Sephora Rouge lipsticks in ‘It Girl R06’. It is the most stunning orange/red, in a matte formula and I am in lipstick love! I wore it the majority of my holiday on nights out, and although I did have to take it in my bag to re-apply sometimes, I quite liked the look of it when it had worn off a little bit too. I didn’t use a lip liner though so I am going to test it out to see if it can last any longer by applying one and also blotting before applying my final coat.

 Luckily I am heading back to America next year so I am hoping not to run out until then! I would also like to try out some of their other products too seeing as I adore this one so much!

 Have you been in Sephora before? What are your favourite Sephora products?


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