Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo


I have a bit of an obsession with washing my hair, strange I know, but I can’t stand the feel of dirty hair! I have very fine and quite thin hair so after a day my hair feels and looks awful! I can’t ever get away with not washing it for more than 2 days maximum, but I’m quite scared of how much damage this is having on it. So I decided to try out a dry shampoo and see if it’ll help keep my hair washing obsession at bay!

I have tried a range of dry shampoos including Batiste, but I didn’t like how it left such noticeable white marks around the front of my face, even after brushing, so I decided to give the Aussie one a go! I love Aussie products they smell absolutely divine and this one is no different! The smell makes you feel as though your hair will be nice and fresh smelling which for me is a plus because no one wants to smell grease (urgh even just typing that makes me feel a bit ill)! They have a range of different dry shampoos catering for different types of hair from very greasy to limp and fine which is the one I picked up. It promises ‘Big time root lift’ so I am excited to see if it lives up to the rest of it’s family in hair care terms! Again I am packing this with me to take to America so I will let you know how I get on with it once I am back!

Have you tried the Aussie Dry Shampoo?


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