Running Routine // Where It All Started


Water Bottle – Primark, Shoe Liners – Primark, Trainers – Sports Direct

Ever since taking part in Race For Life earlier on in the year, running has become a bit of a hobby for me, and I actually really enjoy it now! If you’d have said to me I’d be writing this post at the start of the year I would of laughed, and said no way! It’s not that I don’t like exercise, I have three horses at home that need regular mucking out and turning out, but I just didn’t bother to do anything else. I’d gotten into a non exercise rut and I really didn’t like the way my body was looking, and felt quite self conscious about it. So after giving myself a pep talk my sister and I signed up to Race for Life and then I knew I had to start training!

Little by little I built up to running 3 miles quite comfortably and now I am trying to push myself just that bit further. My mum and sister bought these running bits and bobs for me for my birthday as I was running in my old school trainers that had definitely seen better days! So now I’m all equipped with new gear and ready to get back into my running routine (normally 3 times a week)! And I have to say, having started running back in May I feel so much more awake and fitter already, and it has started to transform some of the areas of my body which I wasn’t loving all that much either which is a bonus! I’d really recommend it to anyone for both clearing your mind and making you feel that little bit better about yourself with just one small change.

Do you like to run? What are your best tips?


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