Dorothy Perkins // Lola Skye Playsuit



Normally when I have been shopping I like to bundle different brands in together so you aren’t bombarded with haul after haul, but this playsuit is a little bit too special to be put in a normal haul, and I felt like it needed it’s own post! I have been ogling this playsuit on the Dotty P’s website for a few weeks and it was originally around £50 which I couldn’t part with, so when it popped into the sale last week at £34 I thought this was more than reasonable for such a beautiful item. But after it arrived yesterday, I think £50 would of also been a total steal for such a gorgeous garment!

You sometimes don’t realise with the picture thats provided just how much detail is in an item, and that was certainly the case with this beauty! It has sequins, studs and beads sewn all over it, and all of them were intact, non were missing and non looked shabby like you can find sometimes in sale clothes. I bought it in a size larger than what I normally would buy just because I like to have that extra bit of length as I am tall (5ft 10), and it fits perfectly. The straps are adjustable so you can raise them up a little if it hangs a bit too loosely at the front which is what I have done, and the elasticated waist cinches you in and then lets the shorts hang from your hips. The fabric is like a chiffon material so it’s very light weight, in this stunning soft grey shade with contrast coral, grey and gold sequins!

If you couldn’t already tell I am totally in love with this playsuit! I’m almost too scared to take it on holiday with me incase my suitcase gets lost and I never get to wear it..sad I know! it if does make it away with me though I will be sure to post a picture on my blog incase you were wondering what it looks like on!


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