Beauty Birthday Haul






As promised here is the other half of my birthday haul featuring all the beauty bits I was kindly given! I wrote a full post about the gorgeous Clinique travel bag which you can read about here. Along with that I also received a 125ml bottle of the lovely Dramatically Different Lotion + that I am in love with! I will be saving this until I have used up all of my other sample bottles of the moisturiser!

Next is my ultimate favourite perfume Thierry Mugler Alien, if you haven’t smelt this perfume you are seriously missing out, it is divine! I wear this on special occasions or on nights out and after just a few spritzes it lasts for hours and sometimes even till the next day! I really want to try the body lotion to see if that matches up to the amazing scent! Then my lovely friend Zoe bought me my first ever lush product! It was the Tisty Toasty which is a ‘ballistic love spell’ apparently so I shall enjoy using that in my next bath and will let you know how if it has any effects on the romance in my life!

My mum very kindly bought me the 221 Zoeva brush and I absolutely adore it! I used it on my birthday night out and it just blended my eyeshadow like a dream! Apologies for it being dirty but I have used it pretty much everyday since and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet! Lastly was a Body Shop voucher that I am very much looking forward to spending in store! I have a few ideas of products that I’d like to try but please let me know if you have any recommendations!

So that’s it for this years birthday haul! I have a few other bits and bobs but they are more personal so I won’t be sharing those on here but I have had the best birthday to date this year and I have been throughly spoilt rotten! Can’t wait to see what next year brings!


5 thoughts on “Beauty Birthday Haul

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading my post! I have been wanting that brush for so long and it really does live up to the hype! Have you got any Zoeva brushes?

      I will definitely check out your blog! x


      1. I thought the same too! That collection is awesome! But too expensive! 😦 Check the bamboo one, same good quality but the price is much better! 😀


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