I Finally Got My Hair Dip Dyed!


As the title suggests I finally bit the bullet and got my hair dip dyed! I know so many people who have had this done for ages, and I’m not shy about using hair dye but I have always gone darker never lighter, so this was a big step for me in hair colour terms! I have been wanting dip dye for about 2 years now but I haven’t ever decided a time when I wanted it and couldn’t figure out if it was a job for my hairdresser or if a home kit would work just as well, but in the end I decided as it was my first time going lighter to seek professional assistance!

I have done a post before on the hair salon I go to and have used the same hairdresser for well over 10 years now so I was more than happy for him to take over and he knew exactly what sort of look I wanted. I didn’t want to go for the severe type of ombre that I have seen out and about, I wanted a much more subtle look, with honey and caramel shades rather than a bright blonde colour and I think it suits me better. I am trying to use purple shampoo every so often on the ends to lighten them even more and so that they lose any brassy tones that can come through but overall I really love it!

Have you tried a new hairstyle this summer?


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