Glamour Magazine // Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +



I tweeted about this magazine as soon as I had purchased it and to quote my tweet ‘ have excelled themselves with their minis from im so excited to try this moisturiser!’ Just a last month Glamour teamed up with Eyeko to give away a full sized Eyeko Skinner Eye Liner pen which of course I have tried and tested, you can read about it here, which I thought was an amazing freebie. But this month they have upped their game with their collaboration with Clinique, where you can pick up 4 of their infamous products including, two of their chubby sticks, their high impact mascara or their dramatically different moisturising lotion + which personally I was most excited about!

I have a thing for moisturisers so when I saw this on offer it was soon in my basket as I spent the rest of my shopping trip deciding what I was going to write in my blog post to accompany this product! Not only is this THE cutest mini I have ever seen but it’s also a bit of a steal in price terms. For a normal bottle of Dramatically Different Lotion + you would be parting with £30 where as this teenie tiny 5ml costs just £2 along with the latest Glamour read.

If you couldn’t tell I am rather looking forward to testing this beauty out, although I will be extremely sad when it runs out and I am already considering going back to buy the other three items I missed out on!

Have you purchased this months Glamour? Which Clinique item would you choose?


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