Nspa Radiant Flash Serum // Nspa Oil-Free Moisture Gel




I wrote a post about the Nspa Oil-Free Moisture Gel a few months ago, it was my first ever product from the Nspa range and it’s so great I went and purchased another bottle as well as another cheeky item from the range! I have been using this product non stop for the past few months, both day and night after cleansing and toning and if like me you have combination oily-normal skin, this beauty will be a godsend for you! Once applied it seems to matte the skin but not completely, so on the parts where oil builds the most (for me around the nose, chin and forehead) it really helps absorb and maintain shine through out the day which is something my past moisturiser never managed to achieve. For those who don’t have combination skin be put off by it’s mattifying aspects because as far as moisturisers go this product also manages to make skin feel plump and healthy as well as providing a great base for make up to be applied onto. At £4.05 for 50ml I can’t complain and will re-purchase this product over and over again.

Now onto the Radiant Flash Serum which I grabbed because of the Nspa offer (see below). I picked this up on a bit of a whim as I hadn’t done any research into it or anything but I like what it claims to achieve which is ‘instant natural luminous skin’ which is exactly what I need at the moment! My skin is feeling a little dull and lacklustre and I’m not quite sure why as I have recently upped my water intake, started exercising regularly and also stepped up my beauty regime. Whatever the problem I’m hoping this little beauty can fake a little glow which I desperately need! After applying it to the back of my hand, I noticed there are tiny shimmer particles running through the serum but nothing too dazzling so don’t worry about a glitter ball effect. Directions say to apply the serum with your fingers to a clean face and then follow with step 4 which is moisturiser. I am hoping to give these both a try for the next few months and will report back with any problems or rave reviews!

If you didn’t know already Nspa is exclusively available at Asda but not all stores supply all of the products so keep a look out on their website for the full range and reviews from other customers. (The Nspa range is currently on offer 2 for £7 which is a cracking deal considering some of the products alone are above the £7 mark). As well as a great price tag both products are also dermatologically tested, against animal testing, approved for all skin types including sensitive and are lovingly made in the UK. The only downside to both products is that they don’t contain spf so be aware that on days where you use both of these you should also be applying a form of spf to protect the skin from harmful rays.

Overall I think I am an Nspa convert and hopefully will be trying out more from their range as soon as I am done with testing these two out! They have a great range and each are individually numbered so that you can follow step by step covering everything from cleanser, toning, moisturising and extra special treatments.

Have you tried any of the Nspa products?


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