Glamour Magazine // Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner Pen



I love reading magazines, always have, always will, but it’s even better when they come with a great freebie too! July’s offering from Glamour magazine was the ‘Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner Pen‘ (available in black and navy blue), which usually retails for around £12, but together with the magazine you would be parting with just £2, so it’s definitely a bit of a bargain!

I am always on the hunt for a new liquid liner as I am a feline flick fiend and will usually wear one on a daily basis, so the need for a great product is very high! That being said I have wanted to try the Eyeko skinny liner for a good while and even contemplated buying it but for some reason never did until now. To give the product a proper work out I decided to test it during my weekend away at Download Festival at Donnington Park, so it would have to perform both day and night in some extreme weather conditions!

The Verdict : The felt tip like nib is a godsend and it really helps to get a very precise line for both a thick and thin look. It was the first time ever trying this product so I was a little nervous but it stayed put through-out the day and then I re-applied it later and it didn’t look patchy at all and it still gave a great intense black colour which I really love. Daytime I tend to wear a thin line close to the lashes, where as at night time I like a more dramatic feline flick.

This product has now become a daily staple of mine, I wear it to work, on nights out and even to pop to the shops and it always performs perfectly. I would say this is now a product that I can’t do without so when my pen finally runs out I shall be repurchasing a new one rather swiftly!

Have you tried out Eyeko Skinny Liner?


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