Race For Life Stafford 5k





As you know I posted about doing Race for Life a few weeks ago and on tuesday night at 7:30 my sister and I set off from the start line and finished in 27 minutes which for me was a personal best! I have been really trying to push myself with my training so that I could run the whole 3 miles and with one exception of a rather long hill I managed to run the whole way and I was so proud of us both! We managed to raise over what we expected which was just under £100 and the race itself was absoltuley amazing!

The atmosphere from the warm up, to the crowd, to the runners themselves was really heart warming and some of the stories that were both talked about and that were on the back of peoples t-shirts were more than enough encouragement to get running! There were women of all ages, shapes and sizes doing the race and you could choose to run, jog or walk and some even took their dogs with them too! Overall it was a very magical experience one which I will definitely be doing again, maybe we will complete the 10k next year!

I was asked a couple of years ago to run race for life and I laughed saying that I couldn’t run for more than 5 minutes and now after having done it I really wish I would have started running much earlier on in life because for such an amazing charity the sweat and the training was all worth it!

Have you run race for life?


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