Fashion Friday – Holiday Swimwear






(All links for items can be found on my Polyvore site here)

I don’t think there is anything worse than swimwear shopping when you aren’t as toned as you’d like to be, as bronzed as you’d like to be, or in fact just in general! Finding the right style of swimsuit can be a right pain in the rear end, quite literally so getting suited and booted before you depart for your holidays is essential! I’m off on holiday for the first time in 2 years in September and I am in desperate need of a new bikini or two and I am determined to get it right so that I feel 100% as comfortable as possible.

You all know about what different body sizes and shapes should be looking in terms of ideal swimwear as each magazine seems to bang on about it every summer! So I’m not going to tell you what you should wear, just what you could wear, everyone has their own level of comfort so let’s all start feeling a little more confident about ourselves and get a blooming good tan whilst were at it! I would consider myself a pear shape, I’m heavier on the bottom than I am on top so I like to look for items to balance me out a little. I very often take a kimono or wrap around to quite literally wrap around my bum and thighs when I’m on the move to the bar or beach, but that’s just what I prefer personally it’s not a must!

What swimwear will you be rocking this summer? Which is your favourite look?


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