Raise.com Closet Swap // Summer Staples

With summer right around the corner and the weather getting a little warmer here in the UK, I have decided to have a spring clean of my wardrobe! This means hopefully saying ‘goodbye for now’ to my thick jumpers that have seen me through the winter, and hello to shorts, sandals and skirts, that hopefully still fit from last summer! I think personally I am definitely more of a winter dresser, which means I have more coats, cardigans and jeans in my wardrobe than I do summer attire, so whenever the warmer weather creeps in I start to panic a little that I have nothing to wear! This got me thinking, what would my summer staple items be and why?

So, I have decided to do a round up of all the items I think are essentials that every girl should have in their summer wardrobe. Of course you can adapt these to your preference or body shape so that they suit you personally, this is just a brief outline, let’s get started!

1) A Decent Pair Of Shorts – When I say ‘decent’ I mean ones that you could wear anywhere (holiday, beach, shopping, festivals,bbq’s), not the bum skimming ones that leave little to the imagination (you know the ones I’m thinking about!). I’m talking a pair that fit well and will see you through the summer after summer, they could be denim, silk, crochet, high-waisted, patterned etc as long as you feel great in them they will be a go to item I can assure you!

Daytime – Tuck in a tee, throw on a pair of sandals, a slouch bag and your favourite sunglasses.


Night Time – Transform them with a pair of heels, a cami top and the right accessories.


2) Midi Dress – I love a midi dress, they can be incredibly comfortable and are easy to style so if you haven’t already purchased one then why not try one out this summer! You can buy basic ones in a variety of colours or you could be a little more adventurous and rock a pattern.


3) Kimono – This has been the latest item to go into my staples with the purchase of my very first kimono just last week. I know that have been quite popular for a while but I hadn’t ever taken the plunge until I found the perfect one, and now I’m obsessed! They are just so versatile and they come in so many different lengths, styles and colours that you really would be stuck for choice.

Daytime – Team with a plain cami, skinny jeans, wedges or sandals and a large bag.


Night Time – Pair with heels, skinny jeans, a bustier top or dress, clutch bag and embellish with jewellery.


4) Lightweight Jacket – Now I know some of you will be thinking isn’t this supposed to be summer essentials? Well here in England you can never be too certain, what could start out as a sunny day can soon turn into heavy rain so always be prepared with a lightweight jacket to throw on in emergency circumstances! This could be anything from a mac, a leather jacket or my personal favourite at the moment a brightly coloured wrap coat.


You can now update your summer wardrobe a little easier with the help of Raise.com where you can buy a range of discounted gift cards from your favourite brands and can even sell on unused cards for cash! They have a host of amazing brands including American Apparel, Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret to meet all of your fashion needs so go and take a look now!

What would your summer staples be?

(To find out where all of the items can be purchased from a list is available here)


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