New Image Hair Salon Rugely




Photographs from New Image Facebook Page 

I’m one of those people who has a hair cut every so often only when I absolutely need to, but when the time comes for the chop there’s only one place I would go, or should I say one person!  That person is Rich Gregory who works at New Image in Rugely, who has been cutting my sisters, my mums and my hair for well over ten years now as well as becoming a family friend over the years (as well as his lovely partner Ben). He’s seen us through bobs, full fringes, side fringes, colours and most of all sorting out dodgy dye jobs (my mum once dyed my sisters hair white whilst trying to put at home highlights in which resulted in a hair do resembling Draco Malfoy..not ideal!).

A few days ago I popped into their newly refurbished and relocated salon to have my hair well and truly tamed and I thought I would do a little write up of my experience and cost etc. I normally go for a dry cut which is £14 when I’m in a rush, but sometimes I like to splash out and go for a cut and blow which is exactly what I had done this time for £25 which I think is a bit of a bargain. In just 45 minutes my hair was transformed from extremely dry and damaged to soft and silky with that beautiful blow dried bounce which I am always wanting to achieve at home, but never seem to be able to.

The salon itself has a very friendly vibe and you are always made to feel most welcome which is great as I think sometimes certain salons can be a little daunting to visit so feeling comfortable is key. The salon is made up of a small team of four, Natalie, Rich, Ben and Demi but they certainly run it with precise efficiency so that every customer has an appointment they are happy with at a time to suit them. The salon itself has been well and truly modernised with black, lime green and silver with inspirational hair styles dotted around the walls in lovely vintage frames and whilst you are there you can also pick up a range of affordable hair products like the much coveted Moroccan Oil and Fudge to care for your hair at home.

Overall I couldn’t recommend this salon and their lovely team more, I have left every time feeling as though I have much healthier hair and in a style that I exactly asked for, what more could you want!

To book an appointment or to enquire about pricing call – 01889 579347


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