Findation – The Foundation Colour Matching Site


If you’re anything like me you love foundation but find it a bit of a nightmare finding the right shade. I know that with high end brands you can get matched for your perfect shade but I am mostly a budget buy kinda girl which means tackling those scary testers, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best! I have quite pale skin and mostly go for the lightest colour in any foundation shade range which is usually ivory but sometimes these can look a little ghost like so then I go for the second lowest. All off this faffing takes rather a long time and I just stick to what I know when I’m in a hurry which is mostly Bourjois Healthy Mix I am Light Vanilla and in Max Factor 3 in 1 I am Warm Almond, but I may have found a solution!

I came across this website from a comment that was left on a blog (can’t remember which one) and saved the site in my bookmarks for a rainy day to go and visit, and the other day I did just that and what I found was rather magical. Findation claims to have ‘created the world’s largest usable database of matching foundation colours’ so I gave it a whirl to see how I would get on. Firstly you have to enter two shades of foundation that you know to be correct for your skin type, they have a range of brands including high end and high street so anything goes. I entered my two trusty favourites (as said above) and was matched to 88 possible shades from 88 different brands (including Chanel, Boots, Mac, Nars, Vichy, Revlon etc), it was amazing! I have tested some of them to see if they are true against my unhealthy stash of foundations and they have all been expertly accurate which is ingenious!

I have now saved my matches and intend to take them shopping with me whenever I am in need of a new foundation as this could lead me to the perfect one!

Have you tried foundation if you haven’t you definitely should!


2 thoughts on “Findation – The Foundation Colour Matching Site

  1. This is the most amazing thing that has happened to me all week. What a brilliant website! Thanks for sharing. Although it’s a little depressing that all my matches remind me how ghostly pale I am. “Porcelain” “Very Light Ivory” “The Fairest of them All” and my personal favourite “Bone”.

    But seriously though, I’m dead chuffed with this!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I thought the website was too amazing not to do a blog post on! I too have pale skin it can be a nightmare finding foundation at times!! xx


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