A Country Walk



My sister has very bravely signed up to a half marathon in honour of Nottingham Hospital (you can read more about her reasons why and to donate here), so she has been training very hard running miles every other day to get fit so one day I decided to join her on her rest day for a walk to our local reservoir and it was really lovely. Now I’m not much of a fitness person, I used to love going to the gym at uni to get rid of any stress built up from dissertation and final major projects, but at home I seem to do more sitting on my bum (reading blogs and watching youtube…oops) at a computer than anything else which really isn’t good for me, so I feel it’s time for a change!

We set off from our house which is nestled in the countryside and power walked all the way to the reservoir which was down little lanes filled with potholes and steep hills but it was all worth it once we got there. It was a sunny day so it was warm which made it even better but I decided to take some photographs along our journey to blog about later. I am hoping to get out to do some walking at least once a week and hopefully will get to take our two over excited golden retrievers out too once they have had their inoculations. Overall we walked 4.75 miles on just over an hour but it didn’t really feel like exercise, more of a relaxing adventure which I am definitely looking forward to doing more of!

Do you like walking? How do you exercise?


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