Soap and Glory – Archery Eyebrow Pen



Yet another Soap and Glory product featuring on the blog in the same week, this time it’s the ‘Archery Eyebrow Pen’ that I will be putting into practice to see if I can tame my rather unruly brows into shaped perfection! I love experimenting with make up but I haven’t ever expanded further than a pair of tweezers on my eyebrows and I thought it was about time I embraced my inner Cara Delevingne and rocked a thicker brow. Having brown hair you would expect my eyebrows to be quite a dark brown but in fact they are more of a dark blonde so finding a colour to suit them has been quite difficult and I didn’t want to be making them too dark if I didn’t really know what I was doing.

So in steps the archery pen, I swatched the ‘Love is Blonde’ shade in Boots and thought this would be perfect for me as it isn’t too light but isn’t too dark either, so in the basket it went! Since having it home I have been applying it in little strokes on top of my natural shape and I have to say I absolutely love this product! I have only used the felt tip like nib at the moment but there is also a waxy end that is used to set them in place. The nib glides over your natural hairs and if applied in little strokes it actually looks incredibly natural and it’s so easy to apply. You could use it on a daily basis and if you wanted a strong look apply a heavier stroke.

Overall for a eyebrow newbie I am well and truly chuffed with this product and it has now made it’s way into my everyday routine quite happily!

Have you tried this eyebrow pen? Whats your favourite Soap and Glory product?


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