Soap and Glory – No Clogs Allowed


Keeping on trend with my skin care over haul I recently picked up the Soap and Glory – no clogs allowed super self heating face mask..try saying that in a hurry! This product claims to ‘deeply cleanse skin and reduce pores‘ if used once a week so I will be putting it to the test to see if it can tackle my lifetime of sins. I’m not really a huge fan of face masks because I’m always quite worried that they are going to make more blemishes appear and do more harm than good but I have heard great things about this product so I am eager to try it.

I haven’t yet tried this but to apply you massage a grape sized amount of product onto your skin and wet your hands to massage the product into your skin until the cream becomes blue which is when you will feel it warming up your face. After five minutes clear the skin with a clean wash cloth and dab dry. I will be using my Liz Earle muslin clothes to get rid of any traces of product and we shall see what effects it has on my skin! As always I shall keep you updated of how I got on with it.

Have you tried this product before? What is your favourite face mask?


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