La Roche-Posay – Effaclar Duo + Challenge



I think it’s safe to say every woman and their dog owns this product in the beauty blogging world and I thought I would hop on the band wagon! I have been suffering with my skin recently and nothing seems to be clearing it which has left me feeling quite self-conscious about my skin both with and without wearing make-up. I have oily/combination skin which usually stays quite clear but lately blemishes have been popping up left right and centre leaving my skin scarred and uneven, which really isn’t ideal and I felt like I needed to take some serious action!

So I’ve set myself a challenge to use this product twice daily as recommended on the packaging and see how clear it will make my skin within a month to see if it really works. I will be blogging my progress along the way so that if any of you are interested in trying it you can see the results and I myself will be able to see the changes it has made to my skin. I haven’t done a review quite this in-depth before but I am very excited about this product and want to put it to work sharpish!

La Roche-Posay are so certain of good results that they have offered a ‘Clearer Skin or Your Money Back’ offer which states that you can have a full refund if your product was bought between 10th Feb – 31st May and you have until 15th August to claim your money back if you aren’t completely happy…well you can’t say fairer than that!

Have you tried La Roche-Posay?


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