Moroccan Oil Hair Repair and Moisture Trio Review



After years of destruction to my tresses what with several dodgy dye jobs and constant heat damage, I think my hair has finally given up the ghost and become rather unmanageable and to be honest, I don’t blame it. My hair care routine hasn’t ever really been that complex, with the obvious wash, dry and go mantra, I’m not really one for hair masks or oils although I do have a strict heat protectant spray rule (although I can’t really see it does anything to help). My hair is long but quite fine and thin which means it can get greasy quickly so I tend to wash it everyday, now I know some of you will be cringing at that but if theres one thing I can’t stand it’s unwashed/dirty hair!  But this need for clean hair has left it looking quite lifeless, not to mention a bit of a task to brush, but I believe I might have found the cure..or at least a product that helps it look and feel better.

For christmas my sister bought me the Moroccan Oil hair repair and moisture trio which consists of three minis including a shampoo, conditioner and of course an oil. I have had previous experience with the oil as my hairdresser uses it and it always makes the ends of my hair feel super soft so I was really excited to give this trio a try, and I have to say I love it! I use the shampoo and conditioner once a week in fear that they might run out as they are so small, and the oil on a daily basis through the ends of my hair when it is damp and you can really tell the difference after using them all together. The oil is easily applied by rubbing your hands together to warm the product up a bit, a pump would be more useful but I think you can get one with the larger sized bottles. Overall I think this lovely set would be a great gift (speaking from personal experience!) as well as being great for travelling as they are so dinky and also a real god send to your hairs happiness.

Have you tried moroccan oil before? Would you recommend it?


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