Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

What with christmas looming dangerously close, my attention has recently turned to christmas presents and what to buy for those ‘special’ people in my life. I find with some people buying presents is a breeze, take my sister for example, she writes a list…sometimes even sends me links of items she wants and there we go, job done, but with my parents it’s a whole other story! My dad is one of those men who knows exactly what he likes and sticks to it religiously, so buying him anything out of the guidelines is seen as a huge no no in our house, and my mum..well she pretty much owns enough clothes to fill a department store so they are always out of the question which for a fashion blogger leaves me pretty much useless!

So this year my sister and I have been trying to think outside the box and buy presents that will be meaningful but also something that we know they’re going to love…easier said than done I know. So with this in mind I thought I would share a few gift ideas in hope that it might inspire you and maybe help out with those picky people in your lives! I thought I should break it down into categories otherwise it could get quite confusing, so up first is women, this means mums, sisters, grandmas, girlfriends,best friend, you name it I’ve got it covered…just call me mrs santa clause!

The Beauty Junkie :


Make Up Masterclass Book  // Real Techniques Core Collection // Body Shop Gift Set // Boots Beauty Calendar (early gift!) 

The Comfort Queen :


Next Faux Fur Throw // M&S Dressing Gown // Yankee Candle // Hotel Chocolat Hamper

The Baking Goddess :


Emma Bridgewater Set //  Cath Kidston Cake Tins // Ktwo Products Recipe File // NOTH Macaroon Kit

The Organised Lady :


NOTH Linen Noticeboard  // KTWO Products Busy Life Diary // John Lewis Jewellery Box // River Island Travel Organiser

The Adventurous :


Theatre Tickets  // Buyagift Gift Experience  // RLD Cocktail Making Experience // RLD Cookery Experience

For those who are extremely picky and you have no other options I would say a gift card would be a great present because then at least they can choose for themselves and buy a great gift which they will always remember you bought them even if you didn’t!


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