Red Riot Christmas Collection 2013


This post is introducing the ‘Christmas Collection 2013’ for the Red Riot shop which launched last night! I have to admit I have been a little late on the bandwagon to get my christmas goodies up online but that doesn’t mean I hadn’t been planning it for months! My amazing grandma suggested that she would like to knit some baubles for the shop and this has been such a huge help because I have been working constantly at the moment so getting time to sit down and design has been a bit of a nightmare! So everything you can currently purchase in the shop has all been hand knitted by my Grandma Oak, she really is a living legend so go get browsing! All proceeds will be going back to my grandma for her to make more creations as she really does love to knit but has no way of selling her items so Red Riot has been happy to help out!


Baubles start at £5 and post and packaging is £1.00 with no extra cost for any additional items, so if you wanted to buy two of the same item the post would be free for the second item. You can view all of the collection over at the Red Riot shop and please let me know what you think of them and I will pass the message along!


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