Wednesday Wishlist

These are just a handful of the items I have been spying on this week and desperately want so I thought I would share them with you in hope that you too will be madly in love! It’s going to be a bit of a random mixture so you can expect all sorts of things beauty and fashion along with a few random items for good measure!


1) Seventeen Phwoarr Paint – I am always on the hunt for new beauty bits and a heavy duty concealer is just what the doctor ordered what with very long shifts at work and my purple eyes becoming a bit of a burden so I would love to give this a go! I have read lots of reviews on it and the majority are very good, I think if I blended it in with my real techniques brush then it would be a dream product.

2) Tickets to see The 1975 – Now the 1975 aren’t a band that I would normally like but I seem to have fallen just a little bit in love with them. I loved their first single ‘The City’ and since have bought their album on good old itunes and I have to say it’s a goodun’. I have had to copy it onto a blank cd to put in my car so I can constantly listen to it which is a little ott but very much needed, if you haven’t heard of them get on youtube NOW!

3) Heart Print Shirt – After snooping on Lily Melrose’s blog I came across this lovely heart print shirt she had bought from ebay and it’s an absolute steal at £5.99!

4) KTwo Busy Life Diary – My boyfriend bought this diary for me last year and it has been an absolute godsend. It is dinky enough to be carried around with my pretty much everywhere but also great because you get a work and a home life section so that you can fit all of your schedule into it easily. I urge you to put this on your christmas list if you are constantly trying to find the perfect diary, they also sell some amazing other organisers so go take a peek!


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