Berry Stained Lip Love With Lisa Eldridge

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to lip colour and I’m not really sure why, I do love to experiment with my make up looks and will happily wear a full on smoky eye or feline cat flick without hesitation but theres just something about colour on  my lips that scares me a little.  I have been wanting to try out a berry coloured lip for ages and when I saw that the amazing Lisa Eldridge had made a video on it I knew this was my chance to learn some great tips from a master!

berry lip

If you haven’t heard or seen any of Lisa’s videos then you must go and check them out they really are great to follow and she always puts up each product that she uses so if you like the look of a certain item you can then go and check out where to purchase it from. She is also good in the way that because she does a lot of fashion runway shows she does use a lot of high end products but then she will also reveal dupes for them so that if you didn’t want to pay as much you could still achieve the same look for less.

I’ve been known to spend the majority of my sunday watching youtube videos and Lisa’s is one of my favourite beauty channels to tune into along with Charlotte Tilbury and Tanya Burr. You can get some great inspiration from them as well as hearing good reviews about brands and how to use certain products to get the very best out of them. So if you’re ever bored on a weekend then you could follow suit, grab a cup of tea and get youtube on!

I will now be popping into Boots very soon to see if I can get my hands on some of the drugstore products she mentioned at the end of her video, including the lipstick and lip liner to ensure that my pout looks perfect! I think that this look would look amazing on a night out and would add a pop of colour to a dark outfit.

What Youtube make up artists do you watch? Would you rock the berry lip?


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