New Look // Embellished Winter Jumper

My mum has always been a bit of a magpie when it comes to clothes and her wardrobe is like a glitter ball of goodness, but I myself haven’t ever embraced the glitter/embellished trend..until now. I have been lusting over a jumper in Topshop for quite a few months now but I just couldn’t justify spending nearly £50 of my hard earned cash in order to get it and probably not wear it in fear of damaging it (silly I know). So when browsing in New Look the other day you can imagine my excitement when I saw almost the exact same jumper for a fraction of the price and it’s safe to say I’ve never picked up an item of clothing that fast in my life! I also bagged a necklace whilst I was there because what jumper is complete without a statement necklace? Besides christmas is coming up rather soon and I am in need of a jumper or two..or so i’ve told myself!


New Look have really been pulling it out of the bag with their jumpers and accessories at the moment so I can see myself shopping in there even more than usual these next few months which isn’t going to be great for my bank balance but excellent for my wardrobe! I can see myself wearing this jumper and necklace combo with a number of items like jeans and boots for a casual look or a midi skirt and even shorts and tights so it’s going to get a lot of wear! It’s such a beautiful colour and a lovely fit, I got it in a size 14 which is 2 sizes larger than my normal size 10 but I wanted it to be slouchy rather than a tight fit. The back is slightly longer than the front so if you wanted to you could also get away with wearing leggings if you wanted to cover your derrière!


What items have you been stocking up on for the chillier months?


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