Winter Boots // New Look

Winter is soon around the corner and after a weekend of tidying my ‘floordrobe’ I realised I don’t actually own many pairs of shoes that will be suitable for the coming months. With this in mind and payday having been this friday I found myself scouring the internet in need of some sturdy winter boots.


New Look have always been a favourite of mine for shoes because they are fashion forward but their prices are also very inviting. I found rather quickly a pair that I was totally in love with and thought they were just too nice not to share with my lovely readers! They arrived just the other day and I’ve been mentally styling them with lots of outfits in anticipation and I think they’d go with just about everything. I can see them with frilly ankle socks whilst the weather is still a little warmer and then layered with tights/leggings/jeans for the chillier days!


(New Look £29.99)

Overall I’m just really pleased with them and I can see myself getting a lof of wear out of them too which is great. It’s also a handy tip to remember that ASOS also stock New Look so if they don’t have your size on the original site then hop over to there! (New Look currently are out of stock online of these boots but I have attached the asos link above)


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