Fashion Friday // H&M


Jaquard Print Jacket // Salut Cheri Top // Black Bag


Ankle Boots //  Biker Jacket // Fine Knit Jumper // Stretch Jeans


Berry Tube Scarf // Pleated Skirt // Grey Sneakers // Nail Polish

Hello! I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone, it seems like just yesterday I was recovering from Saturday night (surprise party)! Today I have chosen H&M as my fashion friday brand because I received their seasonal catalogue in the post the other day and I really was loving most of the items in there! I am especially drawn to the lovely structured bags that they have bought out, I think that as one of my birthday treats to myself I could be purchasing the black tote in the top pic.. naughty me!

H&M are known for their great basics sort of range and I think that each one of these pieces could make a difference to your wardrobe to pair with other items. They are all pretty much interchangeable and thats what I want from my wardrobe so big thumbs up to H&M for that! I bought a leather cropped jacket a few years ago from H&M and I have worn it on a weekly basis ever since and it is still full in tact, so I decided to put another one of their newer jackets in!

I also find that their pricing is normally really good so you can go in and pick up a graphic tee for under £10 and then a great bag for under £20 so it’s not going to break the bank but the items really do last a good while. Of course I have tried to sneak in a beauty item too, I haven’t actually tried any of their branded make up but the nail polishes look really fun and cute dinky packaging so they’d be great for on holiday.

Have you bought anything from H&M recently?


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