Surprise 25 Year Wedding Anniversary Party!


Hello everyone! Many apologies for being so quiet on the blog and twitter this weekend but it was rather a hectic one! My sister and I have been planning a secret wedding anniversary party for my parents for over a month now to celebrate 25 years together, and this weekend was finally the day of the party! I have to say these past few weeks have been incredibly stressful what with trying to keep it under wraps, invite everyone, get a marquee ordered, along with parcels that were turning up every day at the house that had to be hidden quickly, but in the end it was all worth it! We all had an amazing time filled with fun and laughter and we couldn’t of asked for a better get together. We invited all of mum and dad’s closest friends and of course our lovely family and in total we had over 50 guests so it was a real big bash where everyone got to celebrate in style.

I have put together a few photos but didn’t want it to be too photo heavy as there were way over 100 snaps taken so these are just a few of the best ones!



It took us all day yesterday to tidy up and I think I’m still feeling the effects today but I think that’s the sign of a great party! We have wanted to do something like this for ages and it was great to finally be able to do it!



After it got darker we cracked on the tunes and had a little boogie!


What did you get up to this weekend?


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