Fashion Friday // What To Wear To A Fashion Retail Interview

Getting told you have qualified for a job interview can be great news but also very daunting. I have recently experienced this as I have been offered an interview next week at a well known fashion brand, and although I am extremely excited to be getting the chance for an interview, the thought of what the hell am I going to wear quickly started to send my brain into overload! After asking my sister and mum what they think I should wear, they both suggested to wear something from that brand so it shows interest in them and that I do actually shop in there, so I would have good knowledge of the brand and it’s style. (What do you think?)

Although I do have some clothes from the brand, non are worthy of interview wear as I really want to make a statement and show them that I am fashionable..slightly anyway! This got me thinking that I haven’t ever done a post on workwear so I thought that I would piece together a few of my favourites from the high street to show you what I would wear for this sort of situation. I think as a rule for me I wouldn’t wear heels to an interview, only because I am already 5ft11 and adding heels might look as though the BFG has entered the building. That being said by all means if you are a lover of heels and feel confident walking in them then show them how you can strut your stuff!

I don’t have much past experience of interviews, I worked at Next during my placement year in 2011 and wore a grey pencil skirt, black sleeveless shirt, black ballet pumps and a black structured bag. My interview was very relaxed and although I felt as though I was freaking out inside it must of gone well as I got the job, which I was really pleased about! Although I loved my chosen outfit then I don’t think it would be suitable for the company I am interviewing for this time as they are a little bit more out there and it clearly states to represent the brand when you choose what you wear to the interview…nerve wracking or what!

If you have any previous fashion retail interview experience then I would love to hear how you get on! I think it’s always quite difficult to prepare for these types of interviews so I am making sure that I swat up thoroughly on the brand and know the ins and outs of their trending items. It helps that I am a huge fan of the brand already so I do have a clue of what they sell but it’s always good to get some inside knowledge so that if a question does come up about it, you won’t have a melt down.


River Island – Navy Geometric Dress // Black Unfastened Blazer //  Croc Bowler Bag // Gold Chunky Watch // Jade Barry M Gelly Hi Shine


Miss Selfridge – Geo Fishtail Top // Black Leggings // Black Boxy Bag // Metal Cap Flats // Geo Pendant


H&M – Chiffon Blouse //  Berry Pencil Skirt // Gold Belt // Gold Necklace // Black Pumps


Forever 21 – Black Silk Shirt // Paisley Trousers // Black Suede Pumps // Curved Bar Necklace // Black Chain Bag

What would you wear to a fashion retail interview?


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