Mini Superdrug Haul

As I mentioned on my twitter the other day I had been browsing the Superdrug website for quite a while the other day and managed to sneak some items into my basket which I then went on to purchase. The reason for hopping over to Superdrug was because I have been after the L’oreal superliner perfect slim eyeliner for ages but just couldn’t find it anywhere in store! I also tried boots but they only ever had a few left which looked as though they had been swatched across many hands which didn’t really appeal to me. So the only option was to go online..which then lead to other things being bought..oops!


There was an offer on L’oreal products which was buy one get one half price, so I thought it would be rude not to grab another product. I decided on the Colour Riche Le Kohl in pure espresso as I don’t have a brown pencil and I think that during the summer and daytime it would look a lot softer on the eye. I have quickly swatched it on my hand and it’s very smooth and creamy so it would smoke out nicely I’m hoping! As for the L’oreal superliner perfect slim eyeliner, it really does look perfect! I am a huge fan of the cat flick eyeliner style and wear it on an almost daily basis so a eyeliner pen is an essential in my kit. I have gel pots which I use for a night out as they are more long lasting, but after giving it a quick whirl this morning, the eyeliner is very pigmented which is great as I love a bold look, the nip is superfine so you can create a light application or an impressive bold flick…so far I’m very impressed!


Two nail polishes also made the cut, one being the infamous Barry M Gelly Hi Shine which I bought in the colour grapefruit. It’s a beautiful pink shade and I’m really excited to try this out. I think it would look lovely on both fingers and toe nails, especially with a bring on the sunshine Britain! The next was just a cheap but necessary buy, MUA Clear top coat as I have run out of all my clear polishes and I always like to set my nails with a top coat. It’s cheap and cheerful but I love MUA so I’m going to give this a go.

The next three items were a bit of an impulse buy, (quite literally in one case) as I found them in the reduced/on offer section. Firstly was a can of Impulse – very very pink which was 97p (not on offer anymore) and I love just throwing these in my bag or if I’m away at the weekend I will always take one as you never know when you will need a little freshen up. Then onto NYC Pressed Powder – translucent, I have been after a new face powder for some time and I haven’t ever tried NYC before. It was also only £1.99 so I can’t complain and there were some great reviews on the website for it. Lastly, a lovely pick me up product, B.Glowing Shimmer Block – just peachy 101. Again I haven’t tried anything from the brand before but I love a good shimmer brick, especially when it is in lovely blush colours and as the name suggests they are peachy/coral/pink shimmer shades. I am looking forward to sweeping this on the high points of my face and seeing if it makes me ‘glow’!

As always I will be testing these products out for a good few weeks and will report back with how I got on with them! I have tried to link as many products as possible so if you are interested you can go and purchase them yourselves!

Have you tried any of these products before? What new make up have you bought recently?


8 thoughts on “Mini Superdrug Haul

  1. Envious of your haul, hehe! Want the Barry M gel paints soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Great post & blog. Do come & check me out too xx


    1. Yes they really do! I would go as far as saying they are one of my fav nail polishes to use because they stay on for days with a good top coat! Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 xx


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