Graduation Day // University Experience

For those of you that follow me on twitter you will know that it was my graduation day on friday and that I had to travel back up to my university hometown with my parents the night before so that I would be up for the early start! I was in the first slot of graduates so I had to be up at 7, which for a morning person was not pleasant! But the adrenaline of knowing I had to be photograph ready in an hour really speeded things along! As I said earlier myself and my parents stayed over the night before at the Premier Inn and it was a lovely evening, we went out for a meal which scrummy, (which even featured sambucca shots to end the evening nicely!)  followed by a few night cap drinks by the marina which was just outside our hotel.


The next morning was a bit of a blind panic to say the least, I spent most of the night awake worrying but after I’d finally managed to get my hair done, make up on and dress zipped up.. I made my way to the university with my parents in tow for a very big day. I have been at uni for 4 years now and it seems a lifetime away that I started, back in 2009 having just turned 18 that august, and here I am at 21, finally finishing. I got to graduate with some of my amazing friends that I have met there and it was great to see everyone all dressed up and looking great! Everyone seemed to be in high spirits and after getting my gown and cap on, having photographs taken, walking across the stage (which was a frightening experience in heels) and having sore hands from so much clapping, it all went by in a bit of a blur!

I’ve learnt so much from going to uni, both work wise and personality wise and I am so very glad that I decided to go. It’s really bought me out of my shell and I feel as though I produced some of my best work whilst I was there, which of course includes Red Riot. I had a few bitter sweet moments at uni, but I can’t ever say that I didn’t have a great experience whilst I was there, I’ve met some amazing people and would urge anyone who was thinking about it to take the plunge and go, cause you never might just change your life!


Dress – F+F at Tesco // Belt – Ebay // Shoes – Primark

Have you graduated from university recently?


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