Argan Oil Review

My hair is fine, dry and frizzy..(what a great combination), so I am constantly on the hunt for products to tame my lions mane of locks to transform it into a goddess like barnet (yeah like that’s ever going to happen!). Since dying the hell out of my hair for several years, including a cosmic blue shade through my goth phase, (let’s not go there), my hair has ended up rather damaged and incredibly limp looking. I try to get regular cuts so that all of the split ends are dealt with, but now I am looking at products to give my hair a little pick me up through the time I am not being professionally styled.


I went for a dramatic bob cut a few years ago and ever since have been trying to grow it back, it is now about chest length and I am pretty happy with it. I like to take good care of my hair every time it is styled I religiously smother it in heat protection spray, along with the fortnight hair mask routine. After all this pampering I still feel as though the ends need some help and I had heard great things about Moroccan / Argan oil, so I decided to pick some up. I managed to grab a 100ml bottle for £1.49 from B+M bargains, which I truly thought was a bargain and thought I would share it with my lovely readers!


I have been using this ever since I have bought it and I have to say I can certainly notice a difference. After having a shower I apply my heat protector spray and then run the argan oil to through tips of my hair. It says you can apply it all over but I think that would create an oil slick through my hair, which wouldn’t really look all that great so I have been sticking to the ends. I even went to get my hair cut the other day and my hair dresser said that he could feel my hair was more healthy so that’s always great to hear!

Have you tried Argan Oil before? What products do you use on your hair?


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