Cosmopolitan August 2013 // Nip + Fab Dry Legs Fix

Hi Everyone! I have had a weekend away from the blog as several family members have been round to enjoy the weather and I also went to the Harry Potter studio tour on saturday in Watford Junction as part of my boyfriend’s birthday present. I will be doing a post on this later in the week so if you are an avid Potter fan like me then you can check out my review and see some awesome pictures of the place!

Onto today’s post! After wrestling through a very packed Tesco magazine isle, I decided that as the lovely Rachel Bilson was on the cover and the fact that they were giving away a Nip+Fab freebie, Cosmo was the magazine of choice for me, and so it was placed in my mums trolley rather sneakily for some sunshine reading in the garden later!



There were three Nip + Fab products available, including the Dry Legs Fix which I picked up, a Bust Fix (ooer) and a 365 Body Glow. As I am so very pale I decided that the tan could be a disaster and that the bust fix sounded a little odd so I grabbed the most appropriate which was the legs fix. I don’t suffer from overly dry legs but after I have shaved they can sometimes get a little patchy so I am hoping for great things from this product! I have tried it once or twice this week and the first impressions have been good! I’m not too keen on the lemony scent as I am more of a fruity scent kind of girl but it’s not an offensive smell so it can be put up with if the product works. I am going to continue to use it until the tube is empty then I can give a really indepth review so that if you guys want to purchase it, you will know what you’re buying!


Nip + Fab offer a huge amount of other products too including post work out creams, face creams, viper venom and also a ‘fix it’ solution for pretty much every body part there is! The Dry Leg Fix retails at £10.25 for 100ml which is an okay price but I think it is going to take a lot for me to beat the body shop butters or the soap and glory body butter, so we shall see!



As well as receiving a 45ml tube of Nip + Fab, there are a number of great samples scattered through-out the magazine including a L’oreal Ever Riche Shampoo and a Palmolive Ayurituel Energy Gel. I’m not really one for sachets of samples, I have about a million stashed under my bed of different products including the Liz Earle sheer skin tiny, which I should get round to trying. But I will give these products a whirl too and I think they would be great for a weekend away or even a night away somewhere as they can pack flat and aren’t weighty.

Have you bought this months Cosmopolitan? Have you ever tried Nip + Fab products?


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