Thierry Mugler Alien // Perfume Favourites

I am a huge fan of perfume but I’m incredibly picky when it comes to what sort of scents I prefer. I have been a Chanel Chance girl for years as it always makes me feel very feminine and grown up when I wear it, which sounds really odd but it’s quite a mature scent. I only wear Chanel on special occasions though, so my daily perfume go to is Paco Rabanne Lady Million, which I sampled about 2 years ago and instantly fell in love. My whole family wear Paco Rabanne, even my dad and boyfriend wear the male version so it gets top marks in our house! That being said I have been on the hunt for a new scent for the summer and recently got my hands on the Thierry Mugler Alien sample and I just couldn’t stop smelling it! It’s quite a hard scent to describe but it’s incredibly fresh and light, so it is perfect for the summer months and I plan on drowning myself in it for my graduation next weekend!


To be more precise the packaging boasts that fact that this lovely aromatic water has the scent of ‘orange blossom, lemon blossom and pink grapefruit’ so all very fruit tones. If you fancy trying this perfume out then you can always go to your local Boots or pharmacy store and ask for a sample spray. It is definitely going to be a fragrance I will be reaching for this summer so if you can get your mitts on it then I would recommend you do! 


I have really enjoyed being outside photographing my products I think they always look that much better in the outdoors! I’d love to know if you prefer me shooting outside, so let me know!

Have you tried Thierry Mugler? What are your favourite perfume picks? 


3 thoughts on “Thierry Mugler Alien // Perfume Favourites

    1. It’s quite odd packaging isn’t it but I suppose it does suit the name Alien! Are you going to try it? I haven’t tried either of those so I will have to next time i’m in Boots 🙂


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