Jemma Kidd – Make Up Masterclass Book // Lauren Conrad – Style Book

I am a huge fan of reading and as you all know I love all things beauty and fashion related, so when the two are combined it makes me a rather happy bunny! I bought both of these books a few years ago from amazon and I absolutely love them. They now have a home on my bedside table incase I want to do a bit of late night reading, and the great thing about these books is that however many times you have read them, it is never enough!


The Jemma Kidd book was around £15 and was worth every penny I’d say! As soon as it arrived I read it cover to cover and really enjoyed everything that was in there. It covers everything from skin tone, beauty tips, everyday make up, going out make up, how to quickly change a look so that you are appropriate for any occasion and loads more. The photography is lovely and along the way there are step by step guides on how to achieve the perfect smoky eye, how to apply a feline flick with eyeliner and even how to contour and highlight etc. To finish the book ends with all of the stockists that Jemma has used to create each look and their website which is amazing as you can then go to find each product if you were interested in buying it! This book truly is a beauty bible and I would recommend anyone who has a slight interest in make up to go out and grab it as you will love it!


The Lauren Conrad book is a bit more of a fashion / how to style yourself guide. She covers everything from shopping, beauty tips, hair styling guides, what to pack when you are going away and even what wardrobe staples you should have in your closet. I think this book is great for those who need a little help in the fashion department (like me!) as it goes through each key item and shows you how to style them for different occasions and could even help you to simplify your wardrobe (which I need desperately). Again the photographs are really clear and it’s a lovely easy book to get through, it is also a lot smaller than the Jemma Kidd book so you could carry this around with you if you wanted to do some reading whilst travelling which is great!


Both Jemma and Lauren have also written other books both on beauty which are also available on amazon, so if you are interested in purchasing the whole collection then that would be a great place to look!

Have you read either of these books? Do you think beauty books are helpful?


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