Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation // Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation

After my beloved Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation finally ran out the other day, I decided a trip to Boots was in order to pick up a new bottle and was under strict orders from myself not to end up buying anything else…This was all before I knew that Boots had an offer for buy one get one half price across all cosmetics, to which my spending ban flew out of the window completely..oops! I have been in need of a new bronzer, blusher and liquid eyeliner for quite some time so I thought I would purchase something that I actually needed along with my Max Factor foundation which was already securely in my basket.


Instead I got rather side tracked by the Bourjois counter and ended up swatching the highly raved about ‘healthy mix foundation‘ to which I instantly fell in love. The smell of the product is amazingly fruity which has nothing to do with what it is used for but definitely a plus, along with the fact that it was incredibly light and easy to work into the back of my hand (didn’t want to use testers on my face). After testing the product I continued to read the packaging in which it promises a ‘healthy glow & flawless complexion’ what more could you want I told myself, and so it made it’s way into my basket. I should probably say that my skin colouring is pale so I picked up the shade No51 Light Vanilla in the Bourjois Foundation and No45 Warm Almond in the Max Factor Foundation, the Max Factor is a little darker but I found that their lightest colour was far too pale. I think in the summer if I did get a tan that I could mix these two together to get the perfect colour maybe? I have also been mixing bb cream into my Max Factor foundation to make it a little lighter for the daytime.



It has to be said I am a bit of a fussy bugger when it comes to foundation because I don’t have very problematic skin in terms of scars or spots but I do like a good amount of coverage. I think this foundation could provide a lovely fresh coverage for the day and a build-able look for the night time which would be perfect. I have applied the product a few times along with the help of my real techniques buffing brush and absolutely loved it, but I will be continuing to use it for a couple more weeks before I review it for you guys but I’m hoping for great results! I might even try the Bourjois healthy mix pressed powder too as I have heard great things about that product also, let me know if you have tried it!


Have you tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation or the Max Factor 3 in 1? Which did you prefer?


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