Fashion Friday // Festival Essentials

Hello everyone! Had a bit of a nightmare day yesterday whilst on the road to Alton Towers, my boyfriends car got a flat tyre! Luckily we were near my house so we managed to get it all fixed but didn’t get chance to actually get to Alton Towers which was a bit of a shame, but had a lovely day and night at home instead. Now I’m back at uni writing this post before I have my graduation exhibition tonight where industry people are coming in to take a look at our work.. scary! I will get some pictures to show you all what outfit I wore and what the exhibition was like, along with a few snaps of my work!

Anyway.. along with the post! Today is friday so of course that can only mean one thing.. It’s Fashion Friday of course! I thought as so many festivals are beginning that I would do a bit of a festivals essentials post.I have been to quite a few festivals in my younger days but now my sister and I prefer the day festivals like Slam dunk festival as you get to see great bands, have a cider and a chill, but then get the comfort of your own bed on the night time.. bliss! I know this makes me seem like a majorly old woman but my days of kipping in a tent are well and truly over.

I think the main thing for a festival is to be prepared for all weather conditions because it can be scorching hot one day and chucking it down with rain the next so it is vital to have back up clothes and essentials! I think the best idea is to layer as much as possible so that you can mix and match what you want to wear to suit the weather.. so heres a few items that you could achieve this style with.



Essentials for both keeping the sun out of your eyes, stalking celebs and hiding a hangover.


Parka Coat

I love my parka coat. I wear it all year round because it is just so durable. It is so light weight that you can wear it when it is slightly warm but also keeps you dry if the rain decides to show up.



Shorts.. I’m not really a shorts kind of girl but my sister must own about 50 pairs.. so I know some of you love the shorts look. I’d choose a denim pair because they will go with just about everything and are sturdy to be chucked in a bag and won’t crease.



I love wearing a hoodie as they are just so comfortable. I buy mine a few sizes too big so that it is a bit looser but that is just my personal taste. They are light weight so you can put them in your bag or even tie them around your waist (90’s style). They are good for layering under a parka coat on a night time or if the weather has turned a little chilly.



I don’t think I need to justify these..


T shirt

The simple t shirt is an essential. You can pick up packs of 2 or three for under ten pounds these days and they will serve you well. They can be layered but also customised so if you don’t want sleeves then you could chop them off or even cut low arm holes out of them for a laid back look.



I’ve seen the over the knee socks and wellies trend just about everywhere but I have to say I do love it. I normally wear a grey pair of socks with my wellies but obviously you can pick to wear whatever colour you like! They will keep your legs a bit warmer if you opt to wear shorts or a dress too!



Leggings have to be the most comfortable form of trouser there is! But… make sure you don’t make the mistake of buying a single pair from primark as they will be see through and it will be embarrassing! Your best bet is to always go for a thicker more durable pair and they will see you through all sorts of weather conditions!



The bag you take is probably the most important item because you need something large enough to carry all of your essentials but also a bag that is going to be safe. I have seen so many people wandering round with their rucksacks and bags open at a festival just waiting for their stuff to either fall out or be taken. This would be awful so make you you get a bag that you can chuck across your body so you can still have your arms free to dance safe in the knowledge that your stuff is safe.



I thought a playsuit might be a bit more versatile for a festival. If you are jumping about or sitting down then this would cover your derriere along with looking cute and summery.



Useful for keeping your little head warm and also hiding hair after the first few days of using dry shampoo.. gross!

What festivals are you going to this year? Would you want me to do a festival essent


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