Jewellery Staples

Hello! This post is going out to you all whilst I am at Alton Towers today celebrating the end of university with a few of my chums so I hope you enjoy it (get me for forward planning)! I have already written a wardrobe staples post, so I thought that I would continue along the lines of this and create a jewellery staples post to go with it. I not really a huge everyday fan of jewellery, I do always wear my vintage small watch but when it comes to statement necklaces and stacks of rings I tend to leave them to nights out or if I’m doing something important in the day. I do however love jewellery, I have quite a large collection that I seem to have hoarded over the years but there are a few pieces that are constantly being picked of my jewellery stand and worn for all the world to see..

So I thought I would put together a little list of a few items that I think that everyone should have in their jewellery collection that are real staple pieces. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if there is anything I have missed out and would suggest putting in!


1. Stacked Rings

Buying rings in packs is a great way to get lots of wear out of them as you can mix and match them, wear just a few or even all of them!


2. Statement Necklace

I am a huge fan of the statement necklace, especially when it comes to spikes. I have various spiked necklaces which do get their wear, as they can make any outfit look complete and can spice up a plain ensemble.


3. Stacked Bracelets

Again just like the rings, these little beauties can be worn separately or all together creating the ultimate boho / laid back chic sort of look.


4. Earrings / Studs

I did have my ears pierced for a time but then I just didn’t want to wear them anymore but I do think that they can complete an outfit. Wether they are pearls, studs, dangly or whatever your preference they’ll look great.


5. Long Necklace

I am a fan of the long necklace look, especially when your wearing a laid back outfit that just needs a little extra. I have a long gold chain with a small clock on the bottom of it and I adore it.


6. ‘Posh’ Jewellery

I have a very lovely charm bracelet and heart necklace that were gifts from my boyfriend that I like to think as of my ‘posh’ jewellery. I don’t wear these everyday and they’re kept safe in their boxes but when the time does come to get them out I always feel a little more well dressed. I am planning on wearing my silver bracelet to graduation as it is a memento that both my parents and boyfriend have added charms to over the years.


7. Collar Tips

I have a pair of gold skull collar tips and they can be worn with any coloured shirt and look great. They do them in all sorts of different shapes nowadays and you can get them from just about anyway, including the beloved Primark!


8. Watch

I wear my watch everyday, it’s a dainty little white strap with a rose gold face and pearlescent sheen to it that my great granddad bought me many moons ago. I think wearing a watch is an everyday essential and can really add something to an outfit.


9. Collar

Most collars come as part of a necklace and can be attached or worn over a plain top to jazz it up a bit.


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