Ebay Homeware Wishlist

I’m moving back home next weekend after 3 years of university has come to an end! It’s slightly scary but I’m also excited to get a chance to sort my bedroom out back at home and make it look pretty again. I have been scouring ebay for a few homeware bits and bobs so I thought I would share my findings with you guys! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but theres something about buying items for your own room or home, knowing that they’ll look great paired with other nick nacks you have or how you transform a room with just a new bed sheet and a few scatter cushions.

I’m a huge lover of floral patterns and vintage looking pieces ( as you will see) and I think i’ve gone a little bit mad in this post. Obviously not all of this could be crammed into one room as it would be flower power overload but just a few of these items would look lovely together. What sort of interior design style do you prefer?



Floral Storage Boxes // White Dressing Table //  Heart Drawers  // Floral Duvet Set


Floral Lampshade // Vintage Photo Frames // Shabby Chic Cushion  // Floral Heart Hooks


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