Wardrobe Staples

I’ve been recently sorting through my wardrobe ready for the big move back home at the end of the month and I’ve come to realise that although I do have a few key items, I do really need to stock up on the basics that every girl should own. So I thought that I should try to compile a list of what I would think to be a ‘wardrobe staple’.  Obviously these items could change due to body shape, and certain colours wouldn’t suit every skin tone but you get the jist of it. If like me you need to update your wardrobe then you can use this as a little check list to see if there are any items you would like to introduce to your wardrobe.

I was also thinking about doing a make up staples and accesories staples post to show you all what bare essentials I rely on to get me through day to day!


1. Shirt

Having a shirt is a vital item in any girls wardrobe. They can be formal for interviews, casual with a pair of skinny jeans and even layered with a jumper over the top (my favourite!). Of course you can purchase shirts in a variety of colours, cuts and styles but I don’t think anything can beat the classic crisp white shirt.. lovely!


2. Jeans

Whatever cut or colour everyone needs at least one pair of jeans! My favourite are skinny jeans because they seem to suit my body shape better, so make sure you find your signature shape and stick with those! They can be paired with pretty much anything, dressed up with heels or left casual with ballet flats.


3. Blazer

I have only recently gotten into the whole blazer style. I always thought it was quite a formal look but I have just bought a boyfriend style slouchy blazer with turned up sleeves and I love it! It can be the perfect lightweight jacket over a tee and jeans or add a bit more to a simple dress. For the summer months pastel or white are lovely alternatives to black.


4. Tee

I am a huge lover of the baggy tee look as I have quite a laid back style but wearing a tee and jeans is such a classic look that anyone can wear! They can be great for summer days where you want to be kept covered up and cool, or layered with a cardigan in the winter times.


5. Skirt

Maxi, midi, mini, pencil, bandage.. the list goes on! So many lengths..so many choices! It can be quite difficult trying to pick which one but I think whatever suits your style, if your after comfort then the looser less fitted maxi skirt might be just up your alley. If you want a sleeker more professional look then the pencil and midi skirt would be a perfect fit and finally if you’re a little more daring to get your pins out the bandage and mini skirt would be the choice for you!


6. Dress

A dress can be worn for a multitude of events, for work, special occasions, going out or even on a daily basis so they are a must! I’m quite a dress sort of girl and I very much appreciate a good tea style dress but I also love a peplum style as it hides everything nicely under the frill. Again it’s all about finding the right shape for you but dresses can be very versatile as you can pair them with tights and boots for those chilly winter months or dress them up with heels and a clutch bag.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear if you would like me to write the accessories or make up staples. What are your wardrobe staples?


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