Fashion Friday // Marks and Spencer 2013 Collection

I’m not one for shopping in Marks and Spencer really, my sister and I usually go in to follow my mum around (put yummy food in her basket) and help her pick out a few bits and bobs but I haven’t ever thought about purchasing any clothes from there…until now.

I heard rumours that they were launching a new collection to really boost themselves out of a rut that they had fallen into. What with the collaboration with Rosie Huntington Whiteley earlier this year, Marks and Spencer have really been on a roll trying to update themselves and this new collection seems to be a step in the right direction too.

I have taken these pics from the woman and home blog  who have the full collection over there for you to scour through, i’ve just put up a few images and I’m going to write a little bit about what I would personally wear them with.

Have you seen the new collection? Would you now go into Marks and Spencer to buy clothes?


This blue lace dress is gorgeous! I love the collar and the fact that they have paired it with a statement necklace. I would have to put a cami underneath the top half though as I’m not really one for showing my bra but I do love this dress.

I love this pencil skirt. The pattern and the colours make it so easy to pair with a simple shirt or even t shirt if you wanted to dress it down a bit. It would be perfect for an interview or even a posh night out.

This dress is a very versatile piece as I could see it being worn either in the day or night. To rock it in the day, pair it with an oversized bag, sunglasses, neck scarf and a mac and you’d be good to go. For the night time, a clutch, some killer heels and a statement lip. marksandspencer-98201119897619

I have seen these bold trousers pretty much everywhere recently and I am so jealous as I can’t really get away with wearing them. I am a pear shape which means my hips are considerably larger than my top half..which means these trousers would draw all the wrong attention to me. If I could wear these I don’t think i’d be brave enough to wear the jacket too, but maybe an oversized white tee with a statement necklace.

I love this mac. Marks and Spencer have got a lot of coats in their new collection and each one of them is a beaut. Everything from macs, to cropped jackets and even leathers are available. It’s just a choice of which one!


This pretty pink shirt would be lovely in the summer when it is a little warmer. For now it could be paired with a fine knit jumper with the collar peeking out with yep you guessed it, a statement necklace. ( Think i’m a bit obsessed with those atm!)



marksandspencer-9820152693784This is a nice simple outfit that could be accessorized for day or night. Pair with flats, some sunglasses and an oversized bag for the day. Rock the heels, clutch and bold jewellery for night.



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