Ebay Wishlist

I have finally handed in my final major project at university now..phew, so I thought I should get back on track with my much neglected blog! Todays post is going to be an ebay wishlist, as not only am I a bit of an obsessive ebay purchaser but I also love reading other bloggers ebay wishlists, especially Brogan Tate and VIPXO.

Today’s theme is a bit of a holiday one as I have been inspired by the beautiful weather we are having in England at the moment.. very rare indeed! I haven’t as of yet booked a summer holiday but I am hoping to after I have finished my final year at university in a few months.. how scary!

These are a few of my favourite picks from ebay this week, let me know if you are loving any of these items or if you have any of your own favourites that I should know about 🙂


Jelly Bow Flip Flops

I love these flip flops, they remind me of the ted baker bow and I think for the price they are very pretty! They come in a variety of colours and would look perfect with any summer outfit!


Butterfly Print Sarong

I actually bought this sarong last year for a trip to greece and it was great for wrapping round you when you were lazing round the pool without having to walk round in just your swimwear. Again they come in a variety of different colours and are very pretty.


Cover Up 

This is just a simple cotton cover up which I thought would be great if you were out and about exploring as it’s very light or even just to put on whilst you are eating lunch.


Maxi Dress

Theres nothing worse than wearing tight clothes in warm weather so this relaxed style maxi would be perfect for those warm summer evenings.


Kindle Case

Now I don’t have a kindle or an ipad but if I did this would be the case I would get. Its so pretty and practical for a trip away.


Phone Case

I have just upgraded my phone to the samsung s3 mini and I was so excited to find this case… but.. it’s for the larger phone not the mini which I am gutted about.






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